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The story

The former National Guard created by the Law of August 18, 1831, in the Regency Period of the Empire, had the purpose of defending the Constitution, Liberty, Independence and Integrity of the Empire, maintaining obedience to the laws, preserving order and public tranquility.

During its existence, it participated in numerous battles for the maintenance of our territory and played an important role in the Paraguayan War, with its members composing the Corps of Volunteers of the Homeland. Despite having been practically forgotten, the National Guards went through one of the most important periods in history, as it was created in the year that D. Pedro I returned to Portugal to assume the throne, leaving his son D. Pedro II here at just 5 years old. , beginning the Regency Period of the Empire. At the time, Independence was not yet consolidated and some provinces remained faithful to the Portuguese Crown and not to Brazil, so numerous battles followed until it was guaranteed territory as we know it today.

Farda da Guarda Nacional.

The Nationaes were also present at Praça da República (formerly Praça da Aclamação), in Rio de Janeiro during the Proclamation of the Republic in 1889. The uprising led by Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca ended the Monarchy and instituted the Republic in our country.

During its existence, the National Guards served an Emperor and eleven presidents of the so-called Old Republic.

For the glory of our land, our people and our land, the National Guards fought and shed their blood to secure the national territory as we know it today.

Its members played a prominent role in the national political scene, until they were officially demobilized in September 1922.


The Moto Club

NACIONAES LEMC was created on November 8, 2014, in Brasília in the Federal District. The premise of its foundation was to rescue the history of the former Brazilian National Guards, legitimate guardians of the Constitution, Liberty and Independence of Brazil.

Linked by tradition and by the legacy of the guardians, career professionals in the Public Security, Magistrates, Armed Forces, Prison System and Members of the Public Ministry, who in their day-to-day work together to minimize the harmful effects of violence and crime, as well as act in the preservation of national sovereignty, often at the sacrifice of their own lives, came together to share on the roads, trips and tours their mutual interest in life on two wheels, in the spirit of adventure and the desire for freedom.


Share on the roads, trips and tours the mutual interest in life on two wheels.

Unite public security operators, military members of the Armed Forces, Prison Agents and members of the MP and the Judiciary around the world of motorcycling and motorcycle clubbing.


Endumentária Guarda Nacional

Determined not to allow the legacy and tradition to remain forgotten, history was rescued and almost a century after its demobilization, the NACIONAES are once again walking the earth and riding their motorcycles through the territory that was guaranteed by the former National Guard.

Today's Nacionaes have made a faithful commitment to honor the tradition of those who were largely responsible for maintaining national unity.

We are currently present in nineteen states, we have three chapters in Italy and embassies in the United States and Chile, our core values ​​are honor, respect and loyalty to fellow motorcyclists.


We trust and honor our brothers in arms and on the road, we may come from different states and countries, but we share the same ideals and are united under the same code of conduct and solid fundamental values.
We have the courage to take the less common path. We honor the past and are pioneers in exploring new destinations.
The motorcycle club world has universal rules and customs and nothing is as valued as respect for the MC brothers and motorcyclists. In our own coat of arms we bring the message: respect to be respected.


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