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1. Indication of the future member by any effective member of Moto Clube;


2. Para filiação ao Nacionaes Moto Clube, o proponente deverá ser, obrigatoriamente, profissional da carreira da Segurança Pública, Magistrado, Forças Armadas, Sistema Prisional ou membro do Ministério Público;

3. It is ensured the recognition of the condition for admission of those who are in the remunerated reserve, retired or who have served for more than five years in the institutions provided for in item 2;

4. Possess a National Driver's License (CNH) category "A", motorcycle in conditions of use and in accordance with the Brazilian Traffic Code (Law 9.503/97);

5. Possess a motorcycle of at least 400cc to become an effective member (Closed Vest);

6. Admission may be approved after the probationary period. 

*Completing this form does not guarantee entry or any links to the motorcycle club. Form for administrative referrals only.

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